Etiquette Lessons:  For boys and girls

Manners are slowly becoming obsolete. Modern technology and the role of anonymity are making us less polite one day at a time. Let us assist with teaching current manners to your child. Our lessons are focused on real and applicable social skills for the modern world.

  • ​Lessons focus on modern and up to date manners
  • Your child will receive our undivided attention and learn social skills and  manners ​they will keep for life
  • Class materials and supplies are included 
  • Maximum of 5 students
  • We also provide one-on-one lessons
  • This is a quality learning experience
    • Our focus is on quality vs. quantity
  • Attire: 
    • For 4 out of 5 lessons children are encouraged to dress in their regular clothes
    • The important message is that we should apply good manners daily and not only on special occasions
  • Last session is a luncheon or dinner at a local restaurant​ ​
    • We meet at a local restaurant
    • This session is included in price
    • This session is designed to practice table manners
    • Restaurant information will be provided at the beginning of lessons
    • Dress-up encouraged for this session
  • Lessons are 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each
    • We condensed an 8, 1 hour session program into five, 1 - 1.5 hour sessions
    • We can meet weekly or twice per week
    • We can meet on some weekdays and on weekends
    • Calls us so we may tailor our lesson schedule to meet your needs
  • For one full course of 5 sessions
    • Total price before tax: $280 (One-on-one lessons $305)
      • ​Class materials and supplies included in price
      • Student dinner/luncheon included in price                                                                                                                               
  • For lessons at your location: call us for pricing


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