​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sometimes you want to host a large party and invite everyone; then again,

sometimes you want an intimate soirée and invite your closest friends.

We are here to help you with that!

Our parties are petite, private and aimed for an intimate atmosphere.

Although our children parties accommodate up to 8 attendees,

when we book your party, most of our venue is reserved for you!

There are perfect moments for great photos and we'd like for all to participate;

mommies and daddies are welcome to walk in and out of party and take great photos!


There are 4 party rooms in our venue:

Assigned party rooms will be available for mommies and daddies to relax,

chat or make a phone call while the party is going on!





We host petite grown-up parties

Bridal showers

Baby showers

Ladies day out

Small graduation parties

Or just because!

Up to 10 attendees

We provide etiquette/social skills lessons for girls and boys

 Ever wonder what happened to manners? 

Let's teach our children to be well mannered and respectful of others

We teach groups OR one on one

We can also go to your location 




Host at our venue OR at your location! 

See our party packages below:

We are a party venue that hosts parties, playdates and etiquette lessons

We host petite parties for girls 



Mommy and Me Tea Time

Up to 8 participants

Best ages: 4 to 10

Charge for participating attendees over 8 is  $55.00 per child 



 Our party packages and a la carte items include multiple selections:

From DIY


We do everything for you! 

All mommy has to do is bring the cake and a smile!  

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